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Some commonly answered questions

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Answer:- We can offer a direct delivery discount but only on a larger quantity of doors, just ask for clarification! Occasionally there may be a small seasonal discount voucher shown on the front page of our website, please keep an eye out for this.
Answer:- It depends on whether we have asked our supplier to deliver directly, in this case, they will have minimal handling so minimal packaging is required, on the other hand, if we are using a courier we protect all door edges, we then cover any glass with polystyrene sheets, next....we cover the whole door with two layers of bubble wrap and then finally two layers of cling film, an excellent job even if we do say so ourselves.
Answer:- A simple click on our products tab at the top of this page will direct you to an overview of the categories into which we have divided our vast number of products. You will discover a wide range of top quality doors.
Answer:- We can provide door frames as well as handles, latches, hinges and many other types of accessories to suit our extensive range of doors.
Answer:- There are lots of sizes available.We think you will be able to find your desired size. Also by clicking shop tab you can get detail information.
Answer:- No ,We are the manufacturer only.